Designed to Honour your Innate Beauty

Our mission is to make you feel confident and connected to the core of your soul & intuition.

Each piece is spontaneously created to communicate the balance of radiant feminine softness & the raw strength of women. With a delicate blend of our wildest explorations, entwined with spirituality, our designs are inspired by the imperfect beauty of Nature.

To expand our purpose, we have launched our natural based skincare range using premium ingredients & exclusive formulas ensuring efficacy & comfort.

Soothe & Empower your Being

proudly symbolizes the harmony of inner & outer freedom.

Our jewelry is designed to protect & uplift and offers an intimate connection with your highest state of being. Each meaningful creation aims to inspire women to embrace, explore and express what their hearts long for the most.

Born on the spiritual island of Bali in 2010, each piece has been hand-soul crafted by the same collective of skillful artisans since the beginning, using traditional techniques forging remarkably perfect imperfection. This raw process allows the joy, respect and soul of human creativity to be breathed into every design and embodies a core belief here at LeelooBird :
“We were born to be real, not to be perfect”.

Our sustainable collections are uniquely created from Recycled Sterling Silver 925 and 22 carat Gold Vermeil along with copper and gemstones believed to release essential healing energies within the body.

Our jewelry is sent on its journey to you, energized on a large amethyst cluster then charged with rituals & Balinese prayers for peace in your heart & the world.

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